Our Values

Our Values

Cultivate Relationships

Relationships are the center of all that we do. We value each moment as an opportunity to nurture children, educators and families. Through individual interactions and community events we create a sense of belonging and acceptance where every individual experiences a feeling of being valued by others.


We provide child centered learning opportunities that invite children to explore, collaborate, reflect and communicate. Through these experiences children have the freedom to discover their unlimited potential. The play - based curriculum is designed to achieve not only kindergarten readiness, but to prepare children for a lifetime of success in all their endeavors, by teaching them self-control, problem solving and how to interact respectfully with other people.


We provide opportunities to enhance a child’s independence, confidence and positive sense of self. We value the importance of health and nutrition and provide an environment that fosters and supports a healthy living style.


To ease the transition between home and school we design cozy, homelike environments with elements of beauty and softness to provide a feeling of security and sense of calm. We provide beautiful environments that inspire children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder. A welcoming place that reflects those who come to learn, grow and explore. We follow a predictable schedule so children can feel secure; yet maintain flexibility in order to focus on children’s individual needs and rhythms.


We are a Christ-Centered community celebrating God’s love through caring, sharing and growing. We model Christian Values and apply them within our conversations with children, in our storytelling and singing and in our daily grace said at meal times.
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