Little Acorn Christian Preschool’s  mission is to provide a high quality, developmentally appropriate, preschool program for children ages to 5 years. We value each child as an individual with his or her own unique needs and rate of development.  

We provide a Christ centered, loving, positive learning environment in which each child can explore and grow. We encourage children to feel competent and good about  themselvesWe foster respect for the rights and safety of other children and educators.  We set clear limits in order to ensure a safe and supportive environment for learning and growth.  We partner with the families to ensure that children thrive in a cooperative environment tailored to their personal and cultural needs.

Passionate Childcare Professionals

The educators at LACP are passionate professionals in early childhood education who are committed, creative and informed. They collaborate with each other, with parents and with the children to nurture the growth and development of the entire LACP community. They receive encouragement and rewards for professional enrichment, which is reflected through innovation and creativity in the classroom. They respect the uniqueness of each child and form a partnership with families to better encourage the growth and well being of children. They value children’s play, inspire their confidence, honor their competence, guide their interactions with others, and nurture their emerging skills and abilities.

A Community Environment

LACP provides an intimate, welcoming, nurturing and active environment for children, families and educators based on Christian Values. Fundamental to the operation of our center are:  
  • Respectful relationships and friendships;
  • Community support to inspire, motivate and grow; 
  • Respect and honor for children as individuals in a caring, inclusive community; 
  • Respect for differences and diversity, with a focus on promoting awareness of the effects of bias on our community;
  • Effective and efficient operation supported by the volunteer efforts of parents who serve on our Board of Directors, organize and facilitate LACP’s fundraising events, and contribute to the ongoing care of our environment.

A Learning Environment

As a play-based learning environment, LACP is dedicated to excellence in early childhood education. Educators facilitate a developmentally appropriate, emergent curriculum to foster the engagement of children, educators and parents and to promote a lifelong love of learning, cultivation of each child’s interpersonal skills through collaborative and group activities, strong support for the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of each child, balance of natural curiosity with kindergarten readiness, better observation and nurturing of the ongoing growth of children, benefits of small class size, low teacher-student ratios and intimacy of the center and a collaborative, interactive learning environment. 

Little Acorn Christian Preschool

>> Drop-in tours every Tuesday 10am <<

First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View
1667 Miramonte Avenue, Mountain View, CA . 94040
Phone: (650) 964.8445
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